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Re: [MiNT] distro cross-building

Eero Tamminen wrote:
But I guess source based distros are not that interesting for MiNT because native builds take so long...

A source based distro is the best thing, because it can be used to generate any other distro.

Ideally, with the perfect source-based distro, we would be able to install it on a powerful cross-build server (Linux, ...), and generate automatically any other binary distro :
- the whole SpareMiNT archive (with binary and source RPMs)
- a ready-to-use package with ARAnyM+MiNT (for newbies Windows users)
- and whatever you can dream !
That should be automated on a centralized server, in order to provide nightly builds (or weekly). So if someone adds or fixes any software, it will be available automatically in every distribution. Especially, if GCC or the MiNTLib is updated, every package will be rebuilt, propagating the fixes to everything.

Back to the reality...
SpareMiNT provides source RPMs... so it may be considered as a source-based distro ? Automating the whole binary rebuild process would be a big step forward...

Vincent Rivière