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[MiNT] Re[2]: distro cross-building

Hello Vincent,

Sunday, October 12, 2008, 11:31:50 AM, you wrote:

> A source based distro is the best thing, because it can be used to
> generate any other distro.

> Ideally, with the perfect source-based distro, we would be able to 
> install it on a powerful cross-build server (Linux, ...), and generate 
> automatically any other binary distro :
> - the whole SpareMiNT archive (with binary and source RPMs)
> - a ready-to-use package with ARAnyM+MiNT (for newbies Windows users)
> - and whatever you can dream !
> That should be automated on a centralized server, in order to provide 
> nightly builds (or weekly).
> So if someone adds or fixes any software, it will be available 
> automatically in every distribution. Especially, if GCC or the MiNTLib 
> is updated, every package will be rebuilt, propagating the fixes to 
> everything.

Hmmm, wasn't that what http://www.atariforge.org/ was supposed to be all about?

Best regards,
 George                            mailto:ggn@hol.gr