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[MiNT] MiNTLib sh-compliant includepath


there's patch following Andreas' hint, i.e. not to use bash specific $(< ...) but $(cat ...) instead. Tested and works.

Btw I managed to compile 4.3.2 gcc/g++ cross compiler on my linux laptop, it's a little bit tricky but nothing serious. In case you're interested I can post some howto. And if I'll be lucky, I will compile native (using this cross compiler) gcc 4.3.2 tomorrow.

Btw #2: Vincent, there's no need for libm (pml) anymore. By coincidence I forgot to compile it and voila, gcc/g++ is compiled anyway. I think libgmp replaces it.

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes

Index: buildrules
RCS file: /mint/mintlib/buildrules,v
retrieving revision 1.16
diff -r1.16 buildrules
< -I$(top_srcdir)/mintlib -I$(top_srcdir)/stdlib -I$$(<$(top_srcdir)/includepath) 
> -I$(top_srcdir)/mintlib -I$(top_srcdir)/stdlib -I$$(cat $(top_srcdir)/includepath) 
Index: checkrules
RCS file: /mint/mintlib/checkrules,v
retrieving revision 1.4
diff -r1.4 checkrules
< INCLUDES = -nostdinc -I$$(<$(top_srcdir)/includepath) \
> INCLUDES = -nostdinc -I$$(cat $(top_srcdir)/includepath) \