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Re: [MiNT] Some comments on gcc 4.3.2

Miro Kropacek wrote:

True but we all aim for VM and shared libraries. At least I know I do. I ordered that BSD 4.4 book as well ;)

While I'm in this evil mood (?) -- why we need it after all? I mean yes, it's cool and modern and it allows some nice things like mmap() but from Atari point of view? GEM stuff wont use it, demos wont use it, games wont use it. It will be nice only for ports from Linux world and how many apps / libs you actually *need* to have linked dynamically? Arguments like "when you update libc, all applications will gain from it" isn't right here since number of applications is counting in tens so it's OK to rebuild everything on cross compiler using some build script and release new distro when some serious bug happen to be fixed.

From user point of view I'm afraid it will only decrease performance or -- wont bring anything at all (all shared libs will be in memory because "no" app will use that much of memory that libs would be forced to kick out from memory).

But feel free to tell me I'm crap talking and show me some real usage ;-)

P.S. I don't want to discourage you from studying VM & stuff, it's amazing thing, I also recommend you UVM "manual", the author has made it as his dissertation thesis, so it's very, very detail and deeply explained.

You may be very right here - I am doing this as an academic exercise :)