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Re: [MiNT] Some comments on gcc 4.3.2

Wasn't it said earlier that small number of developers able to build
distros (until they get bored) is a problem, so wouldn't having the
ability to dynamically link libs would be an advantage ?
No, no. Building the distro is in ideal case executing of one script. But if you're doing serious RPM/DEB-based distro, you have to fill changelogs, track dependencies (with right versions), check if the bundled scripts didn't break with new version, test it in various environments (for example, with installed some of the older version)... and I'm not speaking about adapting the RPM/DEB package itself... it's really boring and time consuming stuff. When you're just compiling, you don't care about that much.

Does VM create possibilities to port more *nix stuff like USB and printer
drivers ?
Very unlikely unless you're not planning to port whole Linux kernel ;-)
All stuff for the future.
For me, the future = to have nice distro with nice GUI installer with as recent packages as possible.

MiKRO / Mystic Bytes