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Re: [MiNT] gdb & gcc 4.3.2

Miro Kropacek wrote:
is there anyone who uses gdb along with our newest gcc? I have quite a problem to use it on regular base -- at first, it seems like gdb doesn't like c99's mixed code with declarations. But when I removed all such code I realized it's general problem with { } blocks -- everytime debugger should enter some {} section (for(), if(), ...) it crashes at some strange (low) address saying it can't place breakpoint there. As soon as I replace $(CC) with /usr/bin/gcc (original gcc) it works...

Too bad...
If you can, please check if the problem is not actually in ld-2.18.

That reminds me, Vincent, how are you doing with your work on the newest gdb? ;)

Porting the new gdb 6.8 will require a big work (specific code for MiNT must be written). However, recompiling the old gdb 5.0 with the newest MiNTLib and bfd patch from binutils 2.18 would be easy and may fix everything ! I plan to do it (soon ?).

Notes about the new gdb 6.8: there is a full-screen text debugger named gdbtui. That would be cool for MiNT ! And gdb supports remote debugging via TCP/IP. I think it would be possible to run the programs in ARAnyM, with a graphical debugger like ddd running on Linux or Cygwin. I would love it ! Anyway, I'm not sure it is possible to do that, and if it is, it will require a big work...

Vincent Rivière