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Re: [MiNT] Gentoo/FreeMiNT

Miro Kropacek píše v Po 03. 11. 2008 v 11:13 +0100:
>         Definitely go for opensuse... I'll go for Debian then.
>         Hopefully
>         somebody else will then come up with Ubuntu etc.
> No Petr, I didn't mean it in such way. Personally, I even don't use
> opensuse :) It was just example because I know they support PPC
> architecture. So it wouldn't be much work to adapt it for another
> (m68k) target. That's all.

Come on. Debian is (or actually has been) the only distro that
supports(ed) m68k and Atari computers. Didn't you know that?

So if anybody wanted to reuse the amount of work they invest every day
to keep the m68k alive (and please note that it's getting increasingly
difficult - they were currently kicked off the Debian proper and are now
living in Debian-ports) then the logical choice would be to go for
Debian MiNT.

Naturally the decisions when one wants to start a new MiNT distro are
not based on this kind of logic but rather on their personal preferences
and knowledge. So Frank started SpareMiNT based on RedHat and now Alan
is starting a Gentoo based distro. 

I can understand that but wanted to say the above anyway - there are
couple of great guys (Stephen, Geert, Roman, Michael and few others)
organized in Debian-m68k mailing list that use their Atari and ARAnyM
computers to try keeping Debian m68k alive. They are solving similar
problems in the toolchain to those that Alan, Miro or Vincent report
here. It would make sense to share the knowhow and help each other...