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Re: [MiNT] fVDI

On Tue, 2008-11-11 at 12:29 +0100, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> Alan Hourihane píše v Po 10. 11. 2008 v 22:58 +0000:
> > Anyone know what happened to www.klockars.net for fVDI ??
> It has always been more offline than online, especially since Johan got
> married :-) Just yesterday I talked about it with Standa, if it wasn't
> better to fork the fVDI and start hosting in on a more reliable hosting
> like for example together with FreeMiNT.
> I do have the latest copy of the CVS repository next to ARAnyM CVS but
> it's read-only (intentionally as it has always been just a mirror for
> the moments when Johan's server was down). 
> I believe Johan wouldn't mind if we used this repository copy and moved
> it on a hosting where it would become read-write so interested people
> could start improving it.

That sounds useful.

Could you send a copy over Petr ??