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Re: [MiNT] ethernat download speed

On Mon, 2009-01-19 at 20:50 +0100, Miro Kropacek wrote:
>         Sometimes it's 100KB/s and other times it's 900KB/s. Never got
>         as high
>         as 1500KB/s though.
> I did do one more experiment -- I took easymint aranym image (gcc
> 2.95, some old kernel and mintlib) and compiled freemint kernel +
> drivers from scratch. Luckily, your fixes works OK (i.e. fast) for all
> my tests. As soon as I replaced inet4.xdd and/or ethernat.xif with
> gcc4 version, some very visible performance losses appeared... Try the
> the same and I'm sure you'll get 1.5 MB/s as well. (of course, your
> ftp server must be reliable). Btw, try it with direct cable
> connection, as evil pointed out at ct60 bbs, every connection trough
> gateway is much slower than direct one in mintnet.

Mmm, I'll try inet4 and see what gives. I'm sure we can sort out the

> So it seems we're going to be stuck with old 2.95 for some time yet...

I think 2.95 is actually a good reference tool still and will be for
quite some time. It's nice to have it around as we still rely on it's
output for a lot of things to check against.