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Re: [MiNT] C++ Stuff

Mark Duckworth wrote:
Everything is fine except when I use vectors so far. It seems if I use vector<T>.push_back() there is a call to an FPU function.

Looks very strange. Which compiler do you use ?
In my opinion, your program crashes for another reason.
Possibles reasons are :
- stack overflow : very common, use the "stack" program to increase it.
- bug elsewhere in your program

Does anyone else think it's strange that something as simple as vector<T> would need FPU functions?

If you compile with default options, gcc will never generate FPU instructions.

Try first increasing the stack. If it doesn't change anything, write a simple program using a vector and you will see it works fine.

PS : Current GCC 4.3.3 has still a bug in C++, if you try to display an int with cout it will display nothing and put cout in error state, so further cout usage will not work.

Vincent Rivière