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Re: [MiNT] C++ Stuff

Vincent Rivière wrote:
Mark Duckworth wrote:
T is a buddy class. The vector is defined in the buddylist class. The failure happens when constructing a buddylist.

In such case, write a small testcase.
I did it for you. I made a copy/paste of your snippets in a single source file, plus some glue (see attached file).

For me, it works perfectly. I cross-compiled the source using gcc 4.3.3 and I ran it on Steem (nearly perfect STe emulator - of course without FPU !)

m68k-atari-mint-g++ vect.cpp -o vect.tos

(go to the emulator)

Not crashed ! screenname = bcdef

Try this source on your system to check it is not a compiler issue.
I really think your problem is elsewhere.
Maybe you trashed the stack before calling push_back ?


It did crash (sort of):

root@arawork:/h>g++ -o vect vect.cpp
Not crashed ! screenname =

It freezes here and if I try to attach to it with gdb I cannot interrupt execution (or maybe I'm doing it wrong).