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Re: [MiNT] EmuTOS for ColdFire

Lonny Pursell wrote:

To me "happy fluffy land" is ARM or PPC or x86, everyone suggests it, but no
one wants to do the work. Unless there is a project out there that I'm
unaware of?  Sure I welcome it, was excited when Ozk got his PPC board.  But
it ended up like a lot of things, an endless loop of waiting and/or
disappointment. Even if this does appear, certainly some will not like the
CPU chosen, that's almost for certain and some people that are just not
interested, much the same scenario.
Speaking of.. is anyone is interested in trying to work on porting to the Efika PPC board?

IF I can get in contact with Ozk, He will mail it to someone interested in working on it.

Rob Mahlert