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[MiNT] Fwd: XaAES sources for FreeMiNT 1.16.3

On Sat, Nov 28, 2009 at 4:10 AM, Mark Duckworth
<mduckworth@atari-source.org> wrote:
> I looked into this myself.  For some reason the aranym pixel format
> signature is different than XaAES is expecting.  I would suspect this has
> something to do with fvdi.  My attempts to fix the issue with different fvdi
> color combinations proved fruitless.  But yeah I noticed this problem.  What
> I didn't know is that it ever worked before.
> Thanks,
> Mark

yeah, its not fVDI, because when you place a new fVDI (or the one from
AFROS) on PACK_3D nothing changes, 1.16.3 works fine with any newer
version of fVDI. This confirms the fact that none of your fVDI changes
had any affect.

The only other thing I noticed was the the reported pixel format
seemed "wierd" to me "E8E800". It made me wonder if EmuTOS had
something to do with it, reporting what XaAES though to be "an invalid

ALAN: cvs -r checkout -r branch-1_16 freemint

Now I have the 1.16.3 sources (I presume) I can do some checking at
source level, I have a hunch it may be a "motorola format" pixel that
is expected, but it is getting an intel format, maybe, I wont know
until I look, atm I'm just guessing, I honestly think its a lot
simpler than that..