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Re: [MiNT] mintara.prg & debug output

2010/10/5 m0n0 <ole@monochrom.net>:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to get kernel debug messages with mintara.prg - but I don't get
> it. Does it contain the code to print debug infos?

Not in the MAIN branch

> If I use mintdeb.prg debug output is at least generated, but not redirected
> to the host linux console :(
> In my Aranym Config I have RedirConsole = Yes, but even if I set it to no,
> console in conholio isn't showing anything.

In which console do you want get the debug info? in the host side or Atari side?

> No matter if I set RedirConsole or not, the Output of aranym is always:
> pid   0 (MiNT): FAT-FS [C]: WARNING: mounting unchecked fs, running dosfsck
> is recommended
> pid   0 (MiNT): Found MiNT 1.17 with kerinfo version 2
> pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: Dcntl(FS_INSTALL) descr=6FB
> pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: Dcntl(FS_MOUNT) dev_no: 256
> pid   0 (MiNT): arafs.c: init
> pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: ok (dev_no = 0)
> pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: ara_root E_OK (256)
> pid   0 (MiNT): ext2 (main.c): init
> pid   0 (MiNT): ext2 (main.c): running in native UTC mode!
> pid   0 (MiNT): ext2 (main.c): loaded and ready (k = 10543A8) -> 6F9EF8C.
> pid  12 (sh): FAT-FS [E]: WARNING: mounting unchecked fs, running dosfsck is
> recommended
> pid  65 (xaaes): run_km(\c\MINT\1-17-0\XAAES\xaaes.km) ok (bp 0x6A880E0)!
> pid  66 (AESSYS): fcntl(TIOCGETP) -> 0
> pid  66 (AESSYS): sg.sg_flags 0x10
> pid  66 (AESSYS): fcntl(TIOCSETN) -> 0

Most of those messages come from modules that have being compiled with
some debug info, not from the kernel.

> Which seems like a bit of the debug trace to me... But I wan't to trace each
> OS call! It's possible when using the debug kernel... but that isn't
> offering the native features for aranym...
> Just tried this: Everything works well when I use the mint16.prg ( 1.16.3 )
> kernel which is still residing withing my auto folder! But I'm not sure if
> this is an aranym kernel... at least it loads the native features :)
> uname -a returns:
> atariclone mc68040
> Could it be that debug code is missing in trunks mintara.prg ?

If you want debug messages in an Aranym kernel you should compile it
yourself from the CVS

Go to the directory "sys" in the source tree and look for the file

Look for this inside the file:

ifeq ($(kernel),ara)
MINT = mintara.prg
CPU  = 020-60
MODULEDIRS = xfs/hostfs

and add -DDEBUG_INFO in the KERNELDEFS line

Compile a new kernel with "make ara" and you will have an Aranym
kernel with debug info that would be shown in the host console.

Choose the debug level from the init menu when you are loading the kernel.

I hope it helps.

> Greets,
> m