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[MiNT] mintara.prg & debug output


I'm trying to get kernel debug messages with mintara.prg - but I don't get it. Does it contain the code to print debug infos? If I use mintdeb.prg debug output is at least generated, but not redirected to the host linux console :(

In my Aranym Config I have RedirConsole = Yes, but even if I set it to no, console in conholio isn't showing anything.

No matter if I set RedirConsole or not, the Output of aranym is always: pid 0 (MiNT): FAT-FS [C]: WARNING: mounting unchecked fs, running dosfsck is recommended
pid   0 (MiNT): Found MiNT 1.17 with kerinfo version 2
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: Dcntl(FS_INSTALL) descr=6FB
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: Dcntl(FS_MOUNT) dev_no: 256
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs.c: init
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: ok (dev_no = 0)
pid   0 (MiNT): arafs: ara_root E_OK (256)
pid   0 (MiNT): ext2 (main.c): init
pid   0 (MiNT): ext2 (main.c): running in native UTC mode!
pid 0 (MiNT): ext2 (main.c): loaded and ready (k = 10543A8) -> 6F9EF8C. pid 12 (sh): FAT-FS [E]: WARNING: mounting unchecked fs, running dosfsck is recommended pid 65 (xaaes): run_km(\c\MINT\1-17-0\XAAES\xaaes.km) ok (bp 0x6A880E0)!
pid  66 (AESSYS): fcntl(TIOCGETP) -> 0
pid  66 (AESSYS): sg.sg_flags 0x10
pid  66 (AESSYS): fcntl(TIOCSETN) -> 0

Which seems like a bit of the debug trace to me... But I wan't to trace each OS call! It's possible when using the debug kernel... but that isn't offering the native features for aranym...

Just tried this: Everything works well when I use the mint16.prg ( 1.16.3 ) kernel which is still residing withing my auto folder! But I'm not sure if this is an aranym kernel... at least it loads the native features :)

uname -a returns:
atariclone mc68040

Could it be that debug code is missing in trunks mintara.prg ?