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Re: [MiNT] 1.17 startup & shutdown issues

on 10/1/10 12:06 PM, Helmut Karlowski wrote:

> Lonny Pursell wrote:
>> on 10/1/10 2:32 AM, Jo Even Skarstein wrote:
>>> From: WongCK <wongck68@yahoo.com>
>>> Sent: Friday, October 01, 2010 3:00 AM
>>> To: <mint@lists.fishpool.fi>
>>> Subject: Re: [MiNT] 1.17 startup & shutdown issues
>>>>>     /*
>>>>>     * Ozk: We switch off instruction, data and branch caches (where
>>>>> available)
>>>>>     *  while the VDI accesses the hardware. This fixes 'black-screen'
>>>>>     *  problems on Hades with Nova VDI.
>>>>>     */
>>>>> So I think I'll commit the version without cache-saving (open and close
>>>>> wk) to my branch. Would be nice if everybody would test it to see if
>>>>> shutdown works, esp. the above mentioned systems.
>>> And to see whether this causes any problems on the Hades. There was a good
>>> reason for switching off the caches in the first place.
>> Indeed.  I recently fixed the Nova Mach64 PCI driver the same way based on
>> info from Ozk.  Toggling the caches on/off while the workstation is opened.
>> Otherwise, if the Hades tried to boot at full speed with the caches on, one
>> got the black screen of death.
> Did you try XaAES on your Hades? How can the Hades be detected (e.g. via
> cookie)?

No.  I don't use it.  I use N.Aes.   I recall ozk also fixed his ET6000 Nova
driver.  I don't think he released it though.  Its possible the fix in xaaes
effectively does the same thing, there is no way to know if the end user is
using a Nova driver that has been fixed.  I released my version of the
driver, I even use it myself, but no way to know everyone uses it, so the
cache toggling in xaaes likely was a safety net.

The cookie is "hade", but the problem lies in the drivers and there are many
versions of the driver for various machines. Each driver was built
specifically for the hardware it ran on, so looking for the cookie in my
opinion isn't going to help much.

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