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Re: [MiNT] release ?

> Maybe  you can redirect the output to a null-modem.
> What apps are running before the  shutdown? Terminate all and try again.
> Just did Shutdown from teradesk on  aranym, no problem.

As the writing of the shutdown messages goes below the displayable area, I wrote 
a simple tos program to home the cursor.
I ran it as the last "run" in the XAAES.CNF.

So with a camera in hand to capture the running processes, when it hang on 
shutdown, I did a CTRL-ALT-DEL.
Only problem this time is that it was too fast for my camera.... it did not 
It rebooted into Mint again!

I checked that I was in v1.17 and not the old version. Did a reboot.... several 
reboots... using Teradesk, CTRL-ALT-DEL & shutdown prg.
All was able to reboot & shutdown.

if I do not run the cursor_home program, it will hang during shutdown or reboot.

So it is solved.... I do not know why it does this or how 
my cursor_home programs remove this error.
Weird stuff.... 

Actually the order of my cursor_home program in the "run" list does not matter. 
1st or last it still the reboot still works.