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Re: [MiNT] release ?

On Sat, 13 Nov 2010, WongCK wrote:

if I do not run the cursor_home program, it will hang during shutdown or reboot.

So it is solved.... I do not know why it does this or how my cursor_home programs remove this error. Weird stuff.... Actually the order of my cursor_home program in the "run" list does not matter. 1st or last it still the reboot still works.


do you run a resolution uneven by the font height? For example if you have 600 height and 16 pixels tall font (37.5 characters will fit), it will try to draw 38 lines and what I belive writing the last half-line outside the framebuffer and crash. If you have a cursor_home program it won't reach the bottom of the screen and hence not crash.

It's a bug in the TOS console and a reason why Falcon users often use 608 height instead of 600. I'm not sure if FreeMiNT still uses the TOS console or if it has re-implemented the same bug.

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