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Re: [MiNT] release ?

Hi Anders,

> do you run a resolution uneven by the font  height? For example if you have 600 
>height and 16 pixels tall font (37.5  characters will fit), it will try to draw 
>38 >lines and what I belive writing the  last half-line outside the framebuffer 
>and crash. If you have a cursor_home  program it won't reach the bottom of the 
>screen >and hence not crash.

Amazing, this is what I am doing. I minus off the 16 lines of the 608, so I am 
running at 592 line in reality.
With the cursor_home program, it does also scroll up the console when it reaches 
the bottom so I see even the last HALT command.
I guess, when it was not homed, it thinks it is and writes out the frame buffer 
and crashes.

> It's  a bug in the TOS console and a reason why Falcon users often use 608 
>height  instead of 600. I'm not sure if FreeMiNT still uses the TOS console or 
>if it >has  re-implemented the same bug.

LOL.... not so weird after all. 
At least i have a work-around for this :-)