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Re: [MiNT] release ?

Am 14.11.2010, 12:11 Uhr, schrieb WongCK <wongck68@yahoo.com>:

Hi Anders,

do you run a resolution uneven by the font height? For example if you have 600 height and 16 pixels tall font (37.5 characters will fit), it will try to draw 38 >lines and what I belive writing the last half-line outside the framebuffer and crash. If you have a cursor_home program it won't reach the bottom of the
screen >and hence not crash.


That sounds reasonable - I would never have thought about something like that!

So a possible solution would be to home the cursor at shutdown a little bit later, but when? And watch out to never hit the bottom.

WongCK: What is the first line you see at the crashing shutdown?

Helmut Karlowski