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Re: [MiNT] STAT bits - Ouch!

Hi all,
On 10 Dec 2010 at 22:03, m0n0 wrote:
> >
> > You didn't say this, but I did. If POSIX doesn't define them, then, as you
> > yourself noticed in your first post, MiNT is in the very position to
> > define them arbitrarily and POSIX-compliant programs have to work. If they
> > do not, then they are not POSIX-compliant, kinda by definition.
> I fully agree to the this. The applications should be changed, not the OS.

This is a counsel of perfection, alas. If you have non-conforming applications, 
the options are:
1. Don't run the application.
2. Change the application.
3. Change the OS.

I don't think that anyone here would suggest that #3 is the best choice if #2 
is feasible.  However, I understand Alan to say that the maintainers of git & 
python are unwilling to change their applications.  For some reason, the fact 
that their code doesn't work on FreeMiNT doesn't worry them :-(.  So if we want 
to run them on FreeMiNT we either patch the applications every time there is a 
change (extra work for python and difficult/impossible for git), or we change 
the OS.  Doing the latter will also help if there are other, as-yet-
unidentified programs which rely in the Un*x definitions.