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Re: [MiNT] Newbie trying to compile Mint v1.17... almost there.

On Thu, 2011-02-10 at 23:57 -0800, WongCK wrote:
> > 
> > That's  because WongCK has checked out the sources on a Windows box. I'm
> > sure there  is a setting in the CVS client to control this. Been there,
> > done that  ;)
> > 
> Ok, so now I checked out using the "use unix newline optiion" and have rolled 
> back to gcc v2.95.3.
> The CRLF issue is of course gone and it is really my own fault because I am dumb 
> enough to use Windoze.
> The release source code now somewhat compiles but now I have a different 
> problem.
> A Chicken & egg problem.... really.
> The make file specify -Werror which turns all warnings into errors.
> Then there is the inline attribute of  'always_inline" in block_IO.h.
> As I understand that the "alway_inline" is not implemented in v2.95.3 so it is 
> ignored - a warning is issued telling me that it is ignored. 
> All very well and good.
> Of course a warning is treated as an error, the make file just told gcc and 
> that's seems to stop the make.
> It's weird because I should not be editing the release version code to delete 
> these attributes, it's an working release.
> or should I modify the release code, making it no longer the release.
> What am I missing here? (don't tell me a brain... I looked at the blue light, 
> the alien took it LOL ).
> So what is the minimum requirements to compile Mint??

FreeMiNT 1.17.0 was built with gcc 4.4, so that's the minimum to build.

We could make the 1.17.1 upcoming release build with 2.95.3 if people
send in patches.