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Re: [MiNT] Newbie trying to compile Mint v1.17... almost there.

> That's  because WongCK has checked out the sources on a Windows box. I'm
> sure there  is a setting in the CVS client to control this. Been there,
> done that  ;)

Ok, so now I checked out using the "use unix newline optiion" and have rolled 
back to gcc v2.95.3.
The CRLF issue is of course gone and it is really my own fault because I am dumb 
enough to use Windoze.
The release source code now somewhat compiles but now I have a different 

A Chicken & egg problem.... really.

The make file specify -Werror which turns all warnings into errors.
Then there is the inline attribute of  'always_inline" in block_IO.h.
As I understand that the "alway_inline" is not implemented in v2.95.3 so it is 
ignored - a warning is issued telling me that it is ignored. 

All very well and good.

Of course a warning is treated as an error, the make file just told gcc and 
that's seems to stop the make.
It's weird because I should not be editing the release version code to delete 
these attributes, it's an working release.

or should I modify the release code, making it no longer the release.

What am I missing here? (don't tell me a brain... I looked at the blue light, 
the alien took it LOL ).
So what is the minimum requirements to compile Mint??

I can find information on cross compiling it on Linux in Sparemint archive, and 
it still says gcc v2.95.3.
Nothing on Atari or it's emulator. So I have in choice but to upgrade to Keith's