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Re: [MiNT] Newbie trying to compile Mint v1.17

OMG... this is exactly what I am seeing now.
It cannot do that "\" thing.
I am indeed using Windoze/Cygwin.Aranym.

I am in a fix now because my CVS is on Windoze, which means big issues.
I always get the problem because that's how I move the souce code.

Any ideas on how to get the source code without the translation?

> WongCK wrote:
> > I setup Aranym EasyMint development  environment.
> You should indicate what is your host OS, especially when  hostfs in involved.
> > make[3]: Entering directory  
> > gcc -I../.. -Werror  -mshort -g -c genmagic.c -o genmagic.o
> > In file included from  ../../mint/mint.h:17,
> >                    from genmagic.c:11:
> > ../../mint/kernel.h:37: Invalid token  in expression
> When you have the chance to have an explicit message, you  should go and look 
>at the line causing the error. Actually:
> # if  !defined(__KERNEL__) && \
> You have a CR/LF problem. GCC's  preprocessor on UNIX-like systems don't handle 
>trailing backslashes correctly on  CR/LF files.
> For some reason, your FreeMiNT sources have been converted  to CR/LF.
> Or you are using ARAnyM on Windows/Cygwin with hostfs on a  directory which is 
>mounted as ascii on Cygwin which means automatic text  conversions in some 
>conditions then big trouble.
> As advised, try to  compile on an ext2 partition, since the hostfs is 
> -- Vincent  Rivière