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Re: [MiNT] Newbie trying to compile Mint v1.17

I moved the entire tree onto drive d: which is a ext2 fs.
Same error occurred.

I then modified the offending line: which is actually line concatenation using "\"  from 3 separate lines into 1 single line in kernel.h.
Then re-make again

This time round, it compiled kernel.h without error but failed at kassert.h, with the same type of error as previous but many more times.
It seems that the system cannot take the "\" as string concatenation.
I don't think I can go around editing away "\"  from all the files.
Sorry I am not a GCC expert... but can someone tell me the switch to force it to understand "\" as string concatenation.


Ok, I will try.
I was suspecting something to do with the hostfs.

The source code are located in /e/dev/freemint-freemint-1_17_0 which is a hostfs
Hostfs does various strange problems while compiling (symlinks troubles). Try host partition first (formatted as ext2 of course).