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[MiNT] Get rid of libc_g.a

Miro Kropáček wrote:
Great. You know what the cause was? Missing lib_g.a since '-g' was used
in default CFLAGs. People, common, is there at least *one* person who
loves to use debug/profile builds of mintlib along with 'g' and 'pg'
switches? Why on earth we need this stupid behavior?

Good catch, this is a classic one.
You forgot to install libc_g.a.

Excellent transition, this issue was the next one on my list.

Remember the problem: when you link with -g, your program will be linked with libc_g.a (the debug MiNTLib) which has the following features :
- compiled for 68000 CPU
- unoptimized code, to ease debugging
- additional debug information, for debugging the MiNTLib at source level.

This behavior seems to be quite nonstandard.
It is a problem because most GNU packages are linked by default with -g, which on MiNT has the side effect to produce unoptimized or wrong executables.

Someone told me recently that this libc_g.a was useless.
First, it requires to have the MiNTLib sources to be exploitable.
Second, in the rare case where someone really wants to trace the MiNTLib with GDB, he can compile a debug version himself, and explicitly link with it.

Basically, this libc_g behavior has the following drawbacks:
- nonstandard
- useless
- can produce bad executables if -g is used by mistake
- can make trouble to configure scripts it not installed.
- none

So I second MiKRO and I propose you, people, to get rid of that libc_g oddity.

Furthermore, the profile library libc_p suffers about the same issues. I have never built or used gprof myself, so I can't tell if that one is useful or not.

Comments welcome.

Vincent Rivière