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[MiNT] understanding "init" / upgrading MiNT


i want to upgrade my MiNT install from 1-16-3 (installed via EasyMiNT installer) to new 1-17-0 release. I tried that before, with the daily builds, but never got a real working system.

The root of my problems was, that much i understand, that xaloader is run by init.

And just replacing the kernel with 1-17-0 and adding the new C:/MiNT/1-17-0 folder with the new binarys and XaAES just didn't do the trick, since init still runs the xaloader from the 1-16-3.

So, even if this is obvoius and totally transparent for you - how to cleanly upgrade my MiNT?
I don't know where to tweak that init starts the correct XaAES.

If i set INIT=c:/mint/1-17-0/xaaes/xaloader.prg (path guessed, but you get what i mean) i loose my network setup, for me it feels like MiNT isnt't properly started then.

Is the way EasyMiNT starts up so unusual?