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Re: [MiNT] understanding "init" / upgrading MiNT

On 2 February 2011 14:24, Stefan Niestegge <beetle@abbuc.de> wrote:
> And just replacing the kernel with 1-17-0 and adding the new C:/MiNT/1-17-0
> folder with the new binarys and XaAES just didn't do the trick, since init
> still runs the xaloader from the 1-16-3.

> Is the way EasyMiNT starts up so unusual?

May be not unusual, but somewhat complicated. There's a line in
/etc/ttytab that runs the AES. You have to delete the link it points
to and recrate it from the 1.17.0 dir.

I think I'm not clear but I'm in a hurry.

Jean-François Lemaire