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Re: [MiNT] understanding "init" / upgrading MiNT

Am 02.02.2011 20:30, schrieb Peter Slegg:
In /etc/ttytab there is a line ike this:

console "/usr/bin/aes"  tw52    on secure

the aes file is a link to xaloader.prg

What I did to my Easymint set-up was to add this line to mint.cnf

sln c:\mint\1-17-0\xaaes\xaloader.prg  u:\usr\bin\aes

This will create the link if it doesn't exist. It won't overwrite
an existing one which is a bit irritating.

So the boot sequence goes like this:

1. mint.prg loads mint.cnf
2. the sln to xaloader is created if it doesn't exist
3. mint.cnf starts init
4. init loads /etc/ttytab
5. /usr/bin/aes starts xaloader.

It would be perfect if mint.cnf could overwrite or delete the
old sln. As it is, if you want to change aes you must first
delete the /usr/bin/aes link and create a new one.
Thank you, that sounds clever. I'll add that line to my MiNT.CNF, too.
I'll report how it works out.