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Re: [MiNT] Fwd: TeraDesk v4.03


Dne 27.1.2011 03:14, Paul Wratt napsal(a):
If people want to look at doing language resources for Teradesk, that
would be probably go down well too

There are already a few available: German, French, Russian, and Greek

I translated the RSC to Czech last year.
I used Resource Master and had problems with some elements.
After I edited them (not changing their length) Teradesk crashed trying display a dialog with that element.

FYI: the new setting for Teradesk allow top&  left offsets for
beginning of icon placement:
Just place xoff=, and yoff= inside the deskicons= section of
TERADESK.INF. The above examples are good for MyAES with mini desk
menu bar

Sounds good.

Best Regards,

Bohdan Milar

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From: Djordje Vukovic<vdjole@sbb.rs>
Date: Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 12:18 PM
Subject: Re[4]: TeraDesk Resource construction
To: Paul Wratt<paul.wratt@gmail.com>

Hello Paul,

PW>  can you make this version (or newer) and sources available on the net?
PW>  or can you send me your latest sources?

It is available at the web site:


I did not make an announcement, somehow I can not connect
anymore to the newesgropups (maybe ISP problem?)

Best regards,


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Current version of TeraDesk is 4.03. This release fixes undesired
behaviour that was observed when the right mouse button was held
pressed for a long time. Also, certain small optimizations were done
and some adjustments were made to make TeraDesk compile correctly in
AHCC. This release adds to teradesk the capability to define offsets
of desktop icons from the upper and left edge of the desktop area.
Also, some portions of the code (related to handling of windows and
desktop icons) that seemed to be some unnecessary was removed.
Hopefully nothing was broken.


BTW: there is also new release of MyAES v0.93:

Note sure how language is done in MyAES, as the resource is French,
but there is a setting in the config