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Re: [MiNT] XaAES translation update


Dne 27.1.2011 16:59, Helmut Karlowski napsal(a):
Lars Schmidbauer wrote:


some information: XaAES is complete in german, french, hungarian and (exept a few strings) in Czech now.
For czech, you have to install the fonts iso2a-16.fnt and iso2a-8.fnt that Bohdan posted here in list.
Works good here (NVDI, fonts marked as system fonts in ASSIGN.SYS).

I'd suggest to place these fonts somewhere in the freemint-CVS. Is this possible?

If that was question for me, I can only repeat what I wrote in the mail
2011-01-18 02:11 Re: [MiNT] XaAES multi-language help needed

"...KGMD contained ttyvfont (utility to set fonts in virtual consoles) and in the /usr/share/misc/ttyvfonts/ there was set of ISO-8859-1 bitmap fonts. I took those and using (most probably) GEMFONT 1.22 I modified them to ISO-8859-2..."

So I guess the original fonts had free licence and so have the new ones.

I also have a 6 point ISO-8859-2 font (I attach) but in this case I am really not sure what the origin of the font is.
I only know I modified it to ISO-8859-2 ten years ago.

@Bohdan: Did you receive my mail about the additional strings that i sent directly to your mail address?

Dima Sobolev started to make a russian version.

Then there will probably arrive some more fonts?

That would be interesting. I learned Russian at school so I would definitely like to try Azbuka on my Atari :-)

BTW: The length in the main-menu is no longer critical: XaAES is able to adjust the menu-layout accordingly.


Best regards,


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