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[MiNT] XaAES translation update

Hello translators,

we found a few more strings in XaAES which can be translated now, see attached "add_trans3.txt".
Can you please do this?
I won't say anymore that these are really the last ones! ;-)
For a better overview i attached the latest complete xaaes009.rsl, but you only need to edit

Thanks to your efforts, we hope to release a first multi-language supporting XaAES in two
or three weeks, languages which are nearly complete: en, de, fr, hu, ru, cs.

@Bohdan: There are a few strings missing in czech exept the attached ones, i hope you
can find some minutes to complete the czech version. Thank you!

FYI: There's a font-editor for NVDI/fvdi fonts which runs on TOS named "gfont114.lzh".
Unfortunetly it's a shareware version from Holger Weets (who dissapeared in the late 90s)
with some restrictions and only in german. But it works, i created a kyrillic font-set
with 8, 9 and 10 point fonts.
With existing fonts, creating a keytable for MiNT with KeyEdit is very easy then!

To avoid too much traffic on mintlist, please send the translated files to my address.
Thank you all again!


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