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Re: [MiNT] GRAFX2 2.2 atari port [beta]

In my opinion GRAFX2 starts to be usable on CT60. This is especially true for example when launching Lua scripts for brush/screen manipulation (this is really cool, you can write raytracer with it :-), but it's damn slow ). Functions like smudge are slow too even on ct60.

I've managed to patch SDL to run GRAFX2 in fullscreen on ATI Radeon with mediocre success (btw it's really fast :-)). But the screen is shifted for about 1/3. I have to test new VSetscreen routines now, because I've stumbled on strange bug, sometimes CTPCI Vsetscreen routine fails with no apparent reason. For example I can interrogate current video mode when my current display is let's say 640x480@8-bits, but the same routine fails when current display is 800x600@16bit or 32bit. So I have to make some extensive api tests :). Of course it isn't Freemint related, it's more about CTPCI bios.

BTW anyone has run SDL with Milan and graphics card in fullscreen and window? Is it working properly? Second thing I would like to ask are the mouse events are properly handled when SDL is launched in gem window? I ask, because it doesn't work for me.

I haven't tried it with TOS 4.04 though. Under HATARI (tos 4.04) and real machines everything seems fine. The only problem that I currently have is lack of support of 24/32 bit images (they hang application). Of course there could be also other bugs too (GRAFX2 is still under development and some features can work some time, sometimes can be broken for a while). ATM I'm waiting to my changes being incorporated into the main SVN trunk, after that making updates will be easy.

EmuTOS does not support resolution switching yet, so the display is trashed. But I can see things changing when I move the mouse, something is alive.

I didn't tried anything with EMU Tos. Resolution switching is needed, because GRAFX2 requests 8 bit video mode.
Using Hatari and TOS 4.04, I can move the mouse and draw things. But the display is very buggy, even the mouse movement is not smooth.

What do you mean display is buggy under Hatari? Have you tried version with or without layers?(without layers is recommended) What kind of monitor you have set(VGA/RGB) and what resolution (on VGA 320x240 is the best)? I've ran it under HATARI and everything were fine. Mouse is choppy, because the way it is handled in application (you can change frequency of mouse tracking in config file to remedy it in favour of losing drawing precision). Second thing that chops everything is autobackups - every minute or after several mouse actions, current screen snapshot is generated in GIF format , this is very visible on slower platforms.

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