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Re: [MiNT] gcc 4.5.2 and binutils 2.21 available for m68k

Wow, now your libs are more than twice smaller than mine!
As awkward as it could be it to admit, I screwed up things again :) Now I "over-stripped" those libs, I have to say, it's not very clear from 'strip' man page what should one do for libraries, esp. when stripping static and dynamic libraries differs a little.

I believe it is because you have stripped the non-global symbols, while I kept them. I feel happy to see those symbols when using MonST2, so I will probably continue to keep them in my build.
The best (and still correct) results one gets with "-S -x" switches (remove debug symbols + remove non-global symbols). "-s" (strip all) and "--strip-unneeded" are definitely no-go for static libraries.

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