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Re: [MiNT] hairlines

On Thursday 03 Nov 2011 23:18:39 Helmut Karlowski wrote:
> Am 03.11.2011, 22:37 Uhr, schrieb Jean-François Lemaire
> > Here's how
> > zView's preferences dialog displays on my Falcon. Obviously, another
> > case of
> > userdefs going haywire.
> Interestingly with MyAES this looks different, I don't know what's right
> or wrong and why the buttons are round in XaAES.

MyAES does it right. That's how it was drawn with previous earlier versions of 
XaAES on ARAnyM too. And it's not only about the tab buttons: look at the 
checkboxes! The idea behind Windom is not to have a unified look accross the 
AES, but accross Windom applications. They are supposed to look the same 
whatever the AES that draws them.

Jean-François Lemaire