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Re: [MiNT] hairlines

Am 05.11.2011, 10:11 Uhr, schrieb Jo Even Skarstein <joska@online.no>:

On Sat, 2011-11-05 at 08:55 +0100, Helmut Karlowski wrote:

Your arrow-bug does not appear with fVDI (easy test is clock.app). And the main zview-problem is not the round buttons but the not appearing crosses
that should mark a selected object. Hope I'm not wrong.

I think the main problem here is the messed-up userdefs in general in
Windom-apps under XaAES. This could indicate a problem with XaAES (VDI

Why XaAES? Does this work in MyAES? The only difference I know is the general appearance.

workstation being messed up) or Windom.

There are always differences in the various VDIs concerning VDI-handle-usage: On some functions the physical is needed, on some (most) the virtual, on some it does not matter. I can only find this by trial&error. That's why Quit/Restart did not work on CTPCI (now it should) and a common source for redraw-errors. So it would be interesting if other CTPCI-users have the same problem with zview.

Helmut Karlowski