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[MiNT] fVDI in FreeMiNT CVS?

Hello all,

what would you guys think about including fVDI in the FreeMiNT CVS?
Johan (the fVDI author) seems to be willing to move the fVDI to a public
CVS (finally :-) so even though I have just created a Sourceforge.net
project for it I was wondering if hosting in FreeMiNT CVS could be
better for the project.

I think that having fVDI in FreeMiNT CVS would help to integrate it more
tightly into the OS (just like XaAES) eventually. But that's not exactly
my goal, I would just like to see if there are any active developers
interesting in improving and extending the fVDI. After all, the fVDI
should still be able to run also on single TOS.