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Re: [MiNT] fVDI in FreeMiNT CVS?

On 05/08/12 13:46, Petr Stehlik wrote:
> Hello all,
> what would you guys think about including fVDI in the FreeMiNT CVS?
> Johan (the fVDI author) seems to be willing to move the fVDI to a public
> CVS (finally :-) so even though I have just created a Sourceforge.net
> project for it I was wondering if hosting in FreeMiNT CVS could be
> better for the project.
> I think that having fVDI in FreeMiNT CVS would help to integrate it more
> tightly into the OS (just like XaAES) eventually. But that's not exactly
> my goal, I would just like to see if there are any active developers
> interesting in improving and extending the fVDI. After all, the fVDI
> should still be able to run also on single TOS.

I'd be fine with that.