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Re: [MiNT] AHCC V4.11


On torstai 31 toukokuu 2012, Henk Robbers wrote:
> Op 5/30/12 9:45 PM, Vincent Rivière schreef:
> > 1) Project > Select
> > The filter includes "*.prj" in lower case. This confuses the TOS 1.62
> > and EmuTOS so we can't see the actual files. I have to type *.PRJ in
> > uppercase to see the files. I saw this bug long ago, but this time I
> > also tested on real TOS.
> I cant do anything about it. I cannot predict the future.
> Besides, if I use uppercase I get all kinds of trouble with other
> file systems.

Please give an example of these problems.

> I use lower case because that also works on TOS (1.00 t/m
> 4.xx) 1.62 a exception? You can fix Emutos.

I just tested AHCC v4.10 and I remember this issue also from earlier
AHCC versions.  In addition to EmuTOS, AHCC *.prj mask doesn't work
on with TOS v1.04, v1.62, v2.06, v3.06 nor v4.04.

(It may work on TOS v1.02 and TOS 1.00, those I couldn't test
with Hatari GEMDOS emulation.  AHCC is the only program I've
seen that has this problem.)

	- Eero