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[MiNT] AHCC compiled VDI programs crashes to BUS error with fVDI?


I've just checked several AHCC compiled VDI tester programs[1]
under Aranym + MiNT + fVDI.  They all crash to BUS error
before showing anything.

If I disable fVDI, they work fine.

Is this a known issue with fVDI?

Or is this an issue in Aranym?


Where I can get a 680[023]0 binary version of latest fVDI &
its drivers that works on normal (emulated) HW, not some Aranym
version, so that I can debug the issue with Hatari?

	- Eero

[1] I wrote the testers to find out EmuTOS VDI bugs.
    The ones revealed by them have almost all been fixed
    in latest EmuTOS release, v0.8.7.

	Sources to the latest VDI tester are here: