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[MiNT] Bug 194: open("/") fails


I usually create tar binary archives for software packages from /. In order to unpack them to the right place, one just has to unpack them from /, too.
tar has a handy -C option which mimics a change directory before unpacking.
Thus, the following command line is supposed to do the right thing in order to unpack a binary package:

tar -C / -xvf foo.tar

Unfortunately, with FreeMiNT, it fails like this:

tar: /: Cannot open: No such file or directory
tar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now

However, it works fine with any other directory. The bug only happens with "-C /".

I tracked that down to the MiNTLib:
open("/", O_DIRECTORY, 0);

I have filed a bug for that issue, including a testcase:

NB: Maybe the kernel is also in cause, I don't know.

Vincent Rivière