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Re: [MiNT] FreeMiNT 1.18 release coming up.

If we introduce a new flag, then I think, it is important to always reflect
of what it is defined for.
Later on we will forget, that we can't use its value. Or it has to be a
special "Unknown" value to indicate, that you can't rely on this.
I don't know if a workstation can be closed or not, but this flag should be
updated then too (or set it to "Unknown" after XaAES has been started).


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On 04/03/2013 10:38, Vas József a écrit :
> I prefer #1, because of
> - This function belongs to the XALOADER and not to Mint.

You are right. That's the cleaner solution, but may be difficult. I 
don't know how parameters can be passed from xaloader.prg to xaaes.km.

> - When should Mint check, whether a workstation is opened?

You are right, my solution #2 can't work.
When mint.prg starts, the workstation is always closed.

> - A workstation can be opened/closed between when Mint checks it and when
> XaAES is started.

A compromise would be to set the workstation flag in FreeMiNT just 
before running the GEM=ROM code. It would assume that if GEM=ROM, then 
the workstation will already be opened when xaaes.km is loaded. This is 
similar to Alan's first proposition. No the best, but it should work in 
all cases.

Vincent Rivière