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Re: [MiNT] Easymint install on TT

I have a similar problem unpacking some archive files. Sometimes some
files or folders just don't extract and I have to use the command
line or even another util to open them.


On Mon, 30 Sep 2013 21:05:21 , Piotrek <mietniow@agh.edu.pl> wrote:
> Hi,
> Today I would like install the latest version of easymint 1.83, which
> download from Easymint website. On the begining it is ok unpacked
> easymint.zip, xaaes teradesk later reboot the computer, install
> roots.tgz. When it is install packete Basic.tar and all rpm on the
> screen it has this information
> unable to open /usr/lib/rpm/rpmrc no such file or directory
> and does not install any rpm package
> On the Falcon with CT60 I have not any problems to install full
> easymint 1.83, this is strange because he does not want to install the
> TT.
> Do you have any ideas what is wrong
> Regard
> Piotr