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Re: [MiNT] Running a barebones FreeMiNT kernel with Hatari in 000 mode

On 12/10/2013 18:05, Alan Hourihane wrote:
I'm sure I've used GEM=ROM before and the keyboard has worked.

It never worked for me for graphical programs (including the desktop).
However it works fine in textmode (when running a .tos/.ttp).

Anyway, On my Falcon I'm dropping straight into a shell with no AES at all
and the keyboard works, so is this an AES only issue ??

Yes, exactly.

I'm not sure what the real reason is. Probably because when the AES is idle it is stuck somewhere in supervisor mode (VDI key wait function? BIOS keyboard input?). Finally, I'm not sure if the preemptive multitasking actually works in the background with GEM=ROM, when a GEM program is in the foreground.

Vincent Rivière