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Re: [MiNT] Running a barebones FreeMiNT kernel with Hatari in 000 mode

Am Samstag, den 12.10.2013, 18:15 +0200 schrieb Vincent Rivière: 
> On 12/10/2013 18:05, Alan Hourihane wrote:
> > I'm sure I've used GEM=ROM before and the keyboard has worked.
> It never worked for me for graphical programs (including the desktop).
> However it works fine in textmode (when running a .tos/.ttp).
> > Anyway, On my Falcon I'm dropping straight into a shell with no AES at all
> > and the keyboard works, so is this an AES only issue ??
> Yes, exactly.
> I'm not sure what the real reason is. Probably because when the AES is idle 
> it is stuck somewhere in supervisor mode (VDI key wait function? BIOS 
> keyboard input?). Finally, I'm not sure if the preemptive multitasking 
> actually works in the background with GEM=ROM, when a GEM program is in the 
> foreground.

I hope not. I remember using an older FreeMiNT 1.16 on my Falcon with
GEM=ROM and there were no issues with keyboard input.

Having this focus acc would be nice to have if it is really required....
I always thought the MiNT was mainly a GEMDOS replacement and compatible
with the ROM GEM (if desired).

Anyway tested with TOS 1.62de here, I can check if TOS2.06 makes a

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