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Re: [MiNT] Strange getcwd() return value

On Thursday 17 October 2013 08:20:48 Alan Hourihane wrote:

> I'm not exactly sure what JFLs real problem is just yet though, so I'm
> waiting for an example and the return code of fopen() in his case.

The fopen() problem is resolved on my part (a bug I fixed); however, the path 
getcwd() yields still is different according to which app calls it: Vincent's 
test program gives a correct value (no "/dev" part) but the desk accessory I'm 
debugging adds "/dev" to the path.

Add to this that shel_write() behaves even more strangely and you'll 
understand that I'm totally confused on how the hell an app is supposed to 
communicate reliably with another one on this system.

I'll wath some TV for a couple of hours before going back to trying to figure 
out this mess.

Thanks for your help,
Jean-François Lemaire