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Re: [MiNT] [PATCH] Sync devices when XHEject is called

On 02/01/14 18:04, David Gálvez wrote:

in the EmuTOS list has been discussed that removable drives (SD-Card,
USB memory sticks) can loose data when MiNT's block cache is in
writeback mode, even if the user use the desktop eject option (Thing
has it).

EmuTOS thread:

Attached there is a patch to sync all devices if XHEject XHDI function
is caught by the MiNT's XHDI handle.

I've tried to sync only the device being removed, but the functions to
do so are only usable by file system drivers and the block cache code.

Alan if nobody has any objection please commit.

Commit message:

Sync devices when the function XHEject is caught by XHDI handler.

Thanks David.