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Re: [MiNT] adding NIVA-VDI to FreeMiNT-CVS

On 02/01/14 11:46, Alan Hourihane wrote:
On 02/01/14 11:08, Alan Hourihane wrote:
On 02/01/14 10:05, Helmut Karlowski wrote:
Am 01.02.2014, 00:05 Uhr, schrieb Alan Hourihane:

On 01/31/14 17:37, Helmut Karlowski wrote:

I got hold of the sources of the NOVA-VDI from Conputerinsel and would like to add them to the freemint-CVS. Computerinsel offers them to the

Are there any objections to do so?

None here, but I think it'd be good to forward to the list the permission you received to commit to a public CVS repository ?

Sure. I received it by a "man in the middle" (patjomki of atari-home.de)

I got the Nova-VDI from patjomki as well, but said Computerinsel gave permission to "interested" developers.

Unless we get direct permission from Computerinsel themselves, I say we cannot commit this to our CVS.

Using google's translate, I think we should get direct permission from Gerhard.

If someone wants to contact him and he can send a message to this list, that would be great.

Just a follow up on this.

There have been a few private emails to me, that have been forwarded from Gerhard. Unfortunately, as I've had no direct contact with Gerhard, or preferably, the MiNT mailing list, then I really can't assume his emails are not being mis-interpreted.

Due to the nature of the emails received by me it'd be preferable for those who have existing contact with Gerhard to make this known to him so he can mail the list directly.

Thanks all,