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Re: [MiNT] gethostbyname() fails on the FireBee

Answer from Ole who can't currently reply to the list:

On 31/08/2014 15:19, Ole wrote:
I had recompiled ping 3 years ago... That worked fine, but it also has
debug output added (because i had the same problem), so maybe these
printf's prevent some timing problem...

Yes, I think that the problem is related to timing issues, which may be affected by additional debug output.

Or other idea... If it turns to be a MiNTLib regression, it may not have been present 3 years ago.

Do you have checked the "replace nvram" option enabled with the firebee
cpx? Or maybe it was the language setting...

I didn't try that, as I have no NVRAM or date trouble.
Since the old ping executable works fine on the very same setup, I don't think something is wrong there...

however,if that's the case, then it must be in all applications using

Sure, since I can easily reproduce the problem with my simple testcase.

Vincent Rivière