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Re: [MiNT] rpm

On Sat, 20 Dec 2014 11:00:55 -0500, Mark Duckworth <mduckworth@atari-source.org> wrote:
> >
> > Peter
> Well I mean I wouldn't use git or a VCS to handle sparemint itself. I
> think the problem is a little more complicated than that and using a
> live db to track status, previous versions, etc would be prudent. Git
> would be fine for management but displaying web content from a git
> backend would be a little odd.
> A good place for all this is my colocated HP DL385 server.  It has 16GB
> RAM and is dual opteron.  It's not that fast by today's standards but it
> handles parallel work really well.  Can run 4 aranym instances no
> problem and has around 100GB disk free.  It's on a 75mbit symmetric
> connection.
> We could also use my vps for a shared aranym instance.  This would be
> the machine where one individual with a lot of time can build rpm's and
> when he/she runs into a problem, can call on an expert to quickly ssh in
> and diagnose.  It's on some kind of insane quad xeon setup and the whole
> machine is pretty underutilized so it's brutally fast.
> Jenkins is also fine but I do wonder if it could handle the oddities of
> remote building rpms on atari virtual machines.
> Maybe I'm misunderstanding your guys vision of an ideal setup though.

I thought that as a first step just a build server would be set-up
to compile m68k and coldfire ports of newer versions of as much of
the existing sparemint/gentoo ports as possible.

RPM could be added later, when a newer RPM can be used.